Jenna McComas Pushes Students to Achieve Greatness


Jenna McComas

Jenna McComas is a bright spot in many of her students and coworkers lives.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

Cabell Midland has many talented employees that are responsible for the success of students, Jenna McComas, counselor of the issue, is one who pushes students to achieve greatness.
McComas went to school to be a biology teacher but little did she know that she would graduate to be a counselor.
“I looked at my life, and I said ‘ok, is this what I want to do for the rest of my life’ and I said ‘you know what, it’s really not’, and a bunch of my friends suggested counseling because they say I’m a natural listener,” said McComas.
McComas has been a counselor here at Cabell Midland for five years. She attended Marshall University for both her undergrad and graduate degree.
McComas believes strongly in helping others and helping the world. The two quotes that she lives by were written by Paul Chucks and Jewel.
“Work smarter, not harder,” and that “kindness matters.”
If McComas could give any advice to students, it would be to find a group where you fit in.
“Find a niche, whether it’s band, it’s archery. Or it’s just a little pod of friends that play Magic: The Gathering, find a little group of friends,” said McComas.
English teacher, Todd Parks, described how compassionate McComas is.
“Ms. McComas is like a TV mom because she’s always perky and always there,” said Parks. “She always makes sure that everyone is taken care of. I had my house broken into and I called Ms. McComas and she put me back in the right spirits.”
Outside of working at Midland, she works in dog rescue and enjoys going white water rafting.
She strives to be closer to the students at Midland by going to student-led events.
Counselor, Christy Hedrick, says she’d be lost without McComas.
“She gives you a hug and you feel like everything’s ok,” said Hedrick. “She’s awesome.”