Summer Time Well Spent Away from Midland


Sophia Anton

Junior Sophia Anton spent time in Jamaica over the summer.

Jordan King, Staff Reporter

Summer vacation is often viewed as a great time for students to relax on their summer break, by hanging out with friends and family and going to new places. Several Cabell Midland students went to some unique vacation spots, including Jamaica, and did new events this past summer.

“I went to Jamaica,” said junior Sophia Anton. “I enjoyed many of their exotic beaches and dance clubs.”

Going to new and unusual places allows for students to meet new people.

“I met a worker from the resort and we danced and had a great time,” Anton said. “I wouldn’t have changed this vacation at all, it was definitely one of the best I’ve ever had and I’d love to go back.”

Other students took advantage of their free time by doing sports and other activities.

“I went to Roanoke, Virginia to perform a Master’s Thesis, (a dance performance),” said junior Frankie Tipton.

According to some students, one of the best things about going on vacation for group sports or activities is being with your teammates and friends.

“I went with a group of dancers from the Jesalyn Dance Company,” said Tipton. “Being with those people made it way more enjoyable than it would’ve been alone.”

Many students say choosing to go on summer vacation can be a great idea and that, if you have any choice in if you go or not, you should definitely advise your parents to take you or see about going with a friend or group. Some students who go to new places meet new people and make new friends, as well as experience new cultures and places. Even if you are just going on a day trip to somewhere close by like Cincinnati or Columbus, just to get out of the house it could make your summer a little bit more enjoyable.