Anticipation Rises for the Homecoming Dance

Haydn Bowen and Alexis Forney pose before the 2016 Homecoming dance.

Haydn Bowen and Alexis Forney pose before the 2016 Homecoming dance.

Ginny Hardin, Staff Reporter

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With school beginning, that means homecoming and all of its festivities are around the corner. Just thinking of all of the excitement of getting ready, taking pictures, eating dinner and attending the dance gets your anticipation rising.
Most students agree that their favorite part of homecoming is the dance.
“My favorite part of homecoming is the dance because it’s the pinnacle of the night,” said junior Frankie Tipton. “It is the one event when I know I will see all of my friends and be able to get pictures with people that may have went to a different place or  a different park.”
The style this year for dresses is poufy, slim fitting, two piece and all of the body styles have some sort of jewels or sequins attached.
Aside from the traditional route, Frankie bought her last dress from an online vintage boutique and said this year she is going for a flapper look.
“To compliment my dress style,” said Tipton. “I want the theme of the dance to be ‘Old Hollywood.’”
Even the faculty at Cabell Midland get into the spirit of homecoming.
“Homecoming is something fun that students can look forward to at the beginning of the year,” said counselor Jenna McCommas. “It brings students together at a school function they want to be at.”
Even though for most homecoming is a great time, some do not enjoy it nearly as much as others. The stress of finding a date, finding a group to eat with, figuring out a schedule for the day and anything else you can think of takes a toll.
“Going alone was more fun for me than being with a date,” Tipton said. “It was less of a hassle only worrying about myself and being able to dance with who I want without feeling guilty for not being with my date.”