Midlanders find fun in the area


Frankie Tipton

Junior Frankie Tipton enjoys spending time at the Pottery Place.

Lauren Fife, Staff Reporter

Some people in Cabell County complain that there is nothing to do in the area, yet some students and teachers disagree.
“I really enjoy going to the Pottery Place,” said junior Frankie Tipton.
Tipton said that the Pottery Place is a fun place to paint ceramics with friends, that is located in Pullman Square in Huntington. She described it as an inexpensive activity that a group of any size could participate in.
“There are many different restaurants nearby for every age group,” said Tipton. “However, the Pottery Place is, by far, my favorite.”
When asked about her favorite local activity, Chyanne Morrison, senior at Cabell Midland, said she likes to play putt-putt with her friends. She also mentioned that the best place to take part in this activity is at Billy-Bobs Wonderland in Barboursville.
“I haven’t been in a while, but I would say it costs no more than $20. It’s so worth it, because it’s fun, and you feel like you’re getting some sort of exercise,” said Morrison. “I love playing putt-putt because it’s something different and unusual to do.”
World History teacher, Brian Casto, recommends hiking as an enjoyable thing to do in the area.
“There’s some trails around here like in Beech Fork,” said Casto. “Barboursville Park has some decent hiking trails.”
He recommends bringing along supplies in case of an emergency, but the supplies are the only thing that cost any money.
“The great thing about hiking is you can bring along big groups of friends and even kids,” said Casto. “That’s always fun.”
Casto grew up in Boone County, so part of the reason he enjoys it so much is because it reminds him of home.
“It’s good exercise, and it’s scenic,” said Casto. “So you get to discover places you didn’t know about in West Virginia.”
These are just a few of the many activities available in the area. There is something for everyone if you just look hard enough.