Boys’ soccer kicks off the season


Sam Thompson

The boy’s soccer team is working hard and striving to improve itself this year.

Alyson Smith, Section Editor

The Cabell Midland boys’ soccer team kicks off this fall with a lot of fresh potential. This year, fans have high hopes for the season, and for the success of the boys, especially with the range of new possibilities. Many people are excited to see what the 2016 team has in store for us.
The new batch of freshman is going to help fill the void from the loss of last year’s seniors, and with freshmen players like Simon Anton and Omar Baryun already playing varsity, the team is very promising.
“It is never fun to lose players,” said Coach Tyler Ellis. “But I’m excited to see where everyone is going to take us.”
Ellis believes that being in shape and staying fit is very important for the game. He believes this is the key to success on the field.
“We want to be better than the other team at the last 15 minutes of the game,” said Ellis. “That way, if we are behind, we can catch up, and if we are ahead, we can stay there.”
The team took away some important lessons from last year, after taking on some challenging competition. This new-found confidence should put them a foot ahead for this year’s games.
“I learned how to take defeat and be more physical when I play,” said sophomore player Gabe Hesson. “We are working on stringing together a lot more passes which can maximize the amount of play we have.”
Practicing during the off season is a major key for accomplishing “goals”. Hesson discussed how playing indoor soccer can benefit him outside on the field.
“Playing indoor taught me how to change my pace, dribble the ball more often, share the game with your passes and to shoot lower,” said Hesson.
With commitment, strategy and determination, the Cabell Midland boys’ soccer team will make this season a great one.