Have Fun in Style this Fall


Corey Welsh

Juniors Tori Tyree and Corey Welsh enjoy carving pumpkins for fall.

Morgan Browning, Staff Reporter

As the summer of 2016 comes to an end, everyone is saying hello to fall. The weather becomes cooler, the tank tops and shorts get put away and the hoodies and boots are brought out. As the clothing style transitions, so do the activities that people partake in.
Everybody has that one big hoodie to snuggle up in on a chilly, fall night. According to Vogue, oversized street wear will be a popular piece this fall, so keep that hoodie handy.
Vogue also predicts that bomber jackets and the color pink will be something the men will sport. OUT states that more fur will be worn by the men than women this fall.
Leggings that are worn as pants are going to be a trend that will be popular this season. That isn’t a fairly new trend for the girl students who wore these last year, with shirts that were fingertip length though, of course.
Leopard print, velvet, military jackets and satin are a few other clothing pieces you may find in your wardrobe this fall.
Now that you know what to wear, you have to choose where to go. The fall allows for activities that the whole family can enjoy.
Milton, West Virginia provides its citizens with the Pumpkin Festival each year. Entertainment, food and crafts are all provided for a family fun night.
Milton also has a corn maze that you can go get lost in with your friends, or you can pick pumpkins from the pumpkin patch after a hayride on the big, green tractor.
Ceredo, Kenova is the home to Ric Griffith, who carves over 1,000 pumpkins each year and decorates his house and yard. Then, families from all over come to see his amazing work. He also looks for volunteers to come help him carve.
Out of 39 students, 46 percent said their favorite fall activity were haunted houses, 31 percent said the Pumpkin Festival, 18 percent said watching scary movies and the last 5 percent said the Pumpkin House.
Other fall activities may include fall-ball, football games, carving pumpkins or trick-or-treating.
Happy fall!