October HORRORscopes



What will this season hold for you?

Lauren Fife and Jordan King

Aquarius Jan.20-Feb.18 Due to your unpredictability, nobody will see your Halloween costume coming. Your chocolate addiction will take over this year so have a pack of Kit Kats ready.

Pisces: Feb.19-Mar.20 Someone will approach you around Halloween with a story about losing all their candy. Your selfless side will take over, but be careful. It could be a trick.

Aries: Mar.21-Apr.19 With your daring personality, your costume will be the hit among the trick or treaters, and will cause people to give you extra candy.

Taurus: Apr.20-May.20 You definitely enjoy the finer things in life. You will receive the best candy out of all of your friends, and maybe even some full size candy bars.

Gemini: May.21-June.20 Your Halloween costume will definitely be evil. Try not to scare too many little children.

Cancer: June.21-July.22 You may not get invited to the biggest Halloween party this year, but do not take it personally and do not let it hurt your ego.

Leo: July.23-Aug.22 As with all your projects, your Halloween costume will express your passionate side, so do not hold back on your creative costume whether it be a zookeeper or a koala.

Virgo: Aug.23-Sept.22 Your intelligence will prove useful this Halloween when you find yourself in a creepy situation. Use your head, but do not forget to trust your instincts.

Libra: Sept.23-Oct.22 Unlike your normal calm and peaceful self, your Halloween will be wild and might even involve a Harambe resurrection.

Scorpio: Oct.23-Nov.21 Going out on Halloween could cause you to get in an unnecessary fight. You should probably just stay in, watch a scary movie and eat some Halloween candy on Oct. 31.

Sagittarius: Nov.22-Dec.21 Your traveling attitude will lead you to new neighborhoods this Halloween, but be careful you do not get lost along your way.

Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.19 Your sign is known to plan and strategize everything, but your love life will be out of your hands this Halloween, when the stars are definitely not in your favor. Good luck trying to keep that relationship together.