Top 5 Teen Jobs


Rapping can be a career choice for any age.

Nick Blevins, Assistant Editor

1. Mow Lawns
Make sure to mow your name into everyone’s yard and then leave. This will make their territory belong to you now, and you can do with that it you want. You do not even need to be invited, just stop by a house and start mowing.
2. Michael Jackson Tribute Artist
What better way to commemorate the late King of Pop than by becoming him? According to a recent study, teenagers are becoming Michael Jackson tribute artists at alarming rates. Cabell Midland junior Nick Hunter spent his summer moonwalking in his front yard. He received several complaints from neighbors, but he was too dedicated to his craft to care.
3. Rapper
Make a Soundcloud account, and make a mixtape. Make sure you go around and tell everyone you see to check out your mixtape. You’ll be famous in no time.
4. Astronaut
Space is pretty cool, and astronauts get to go to space. Astronauts are surprisingly the fastest growing job among teenagers. Popular astronaut Matt Damon is a cultural icon.
5. Escape Artist
Another great option for teenagers is to become an escape artist. Test your ability by getting arrested and trying to escape from the cops. Everyone will be impressed and the job pays pretty well.