Four clever homecoming proposals


There are lots of ‘cheesy’ ways to ask your date to homecoming.

Kylie Powers, Staff Reporter

If you are having trouble asking someone to homecoming, try one of these cheesy and easy homecoming proposal ideas. These homecoming proposals are simple and affordable for any high school student, and they will make you seem smoother than silk, possibly even guaranteeing you a homecoming date.
1. If your future date loves pizza try this: “I know this is cheesy but will you go to homecoming with me.” To complete this proposal go to your local pizzeria and order your date a pizza with a pepperoni question mark. Your date will be ‘full’ of excitement.
2. Make your way out to Walmart and get your future date a giant teddy bear. Make a poster that says, “I could not bear to go to homecoming without you.” That will make them ‘bearry’ happy.
3. If you want to ‘light’ up your date’s night, purchase a bunch of candles and Christmas lights and then create a poster board that says, “Will you light up my world at homecoming?”
4. If you do not want your date’s night to ‘suck’, create a bouquet of tootsie pops and dum dums with a note sticking out of it that reads, “homecoming would suck without you!”
Hopefully, one of these cheesy lines will snag you a date to homecoming, but if not, you can always go with your mom.