D.I.Y.- autumn bowls



These autumn bowls can spice up any room.

Aubree Howard-Brown, Staff Reporter

Feel like your room is not in the autumn spirit? Try this easy D.I.Y. decoration to turn your room from drab to fab.
Papier-Mache Bowls
What you need: Balloons, papier-mache glue, soft paintbrush and fake leaves.
Step One- Blow up a balloon the size of the bowl you wish.
Step Two- Cover half of the balloon in a thin layer of the modge-podge glue using a paint brush.
Step Three- Cover the balloon in the fake leaves making sure to cover the entire surface area of the glue.
Step Four- Cover the leaves in another layer of the modge-podge glue.
*Repeat steps three and four two to three times.*
Step Five- After your leaves have dried, pop your balloon. (Make sure you have a parent or guardian to help you.)
Step Six- Remove the balloon from the inside of the leave bowl.
Step Seven- Trim the top of your bowl if needed with scissors.
Step Eight- After you have trimmed, enjoy your beautiful fall inspired bowl.