Adopt a furry friend


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Little Victories, in Ona, is the purr-fect place to get a furry friend.

Lexi Hutchinson , Reporter

When looking to add an animal to your family one of the questions that comes to mind is whether you should buy or adopt. Adding an animal to your family is a big decision for anyone to make and this idea should not be taken lightly. Trying to decide whether your family wants to buy or adopt is a tough decision, so consider this the next time you want to add an animal to your family.
Thousands of dogs and cats are dumped at pounds and are euthanized because the pound cannot afford to board these animals. There are non-euthanizing shelters such as Little Victories in, Ona WV, but they can only board up to 70 dogs and 30 cats at a time; this means that once their shelter is full, they can no longer take in animals, and the animals are given to pounds or left on the street. Buying your animal is not a bad thing, especially if you are looking for a certain breed, but chances are a shelter or pound also has the exact breed you are looking for. Every year, 2.7 million animals are euthanized, because they were not adopted in time or the pound was full, according to the ASPCA. Adopting an animal also means you are saving the life of an animal that will forever be your companion.
Adopting an animal can also help control the animal population because most companies offer to spay or neuter the animals before they are officially adopted. This helps fight against puppy mills, which cage dogs and use them only for the purpose of breeding. Less animals on the street means there is a less chance of the animals ending up in the pound and becoming euthanized.
Buying your animal is not a bad thing to do, but adopting an animal has so many pros and saves a life. So, the next time you decide to add an animal to your family, consider all the pros of adopting an animal and give it a chance before making any serious decisions.