Bah Humbug to Fall



Not everyone is in love with fall.

Elisabet Gudjonsdottir, News Reporter

1. Fall is the only thing people talk about.
2. If you don’t like football, good luck, because it’s the only thing you’ll see on TV for the next four to five months.
3. Everything is pumpkin flavored. EVERYTHING.
4. Pumpkin Spice is OVERRATED.
5. Ugg boots…
6. The trees are bare and sad and the flowers BEGIN TO DIE.
7. Black Friday. Enough said.
8. You’re harassed by angry fall squirrels.
9. It’s cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and cold at night, which makes it nearly impossible to dress appropriately because you’re always too warm or too cold.
10. People suffocate you with Christmas music.