November Horoscopes


What will this season hold for you?

Jordan King and Lauren Fife

Aquarius: Jan.20-Feb.18– This Thanksgiving, imagination will shine for you. You’ll find all new desserts on Pinterest and they will be a hit.

Pisces: Feb.19-Mar.20– With your great selflessness this Thanksgiving instead of cooking a dinner for yourself, you will help out at a local soup kitchen and provide for those who cannot.

Aries: Mar.21-Apr.19-Your love for the great outdoors will show this Thanksgiving. If the weather stays cooperative, why not throw a Thanksgiving picnic at your local park or in your backyard this year?

Taurus: Apr.20-May.20– Your lazy side will take over this Thanksgiving, and you will not want to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Do it anyways, and do not screw it up or this horrible Thanksgiving will be all your fault.

Gemini: May.21-June.20– Stray from the usual Thanksgiving dinner, and invite your family and friends over for a Thanksgiving movie night.

Cancer: June.21-July.22– Do not keep your clingy side hidden this Thanksgiving. Show your family how thankful you are to have them.

Leo: July.23-Aug.22– Eager to show off for your family and friends, you may find yourself competing in a Thanksgiving pie eating contest this year. Do yourself a favor and go for the pumpkin, not the pecan.

Virgo: Aug.23-Sept.22– Try not to let your fussiness get the best of you this Thanksgiving. Enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Libra: Sept.23-Oct.22– Your big family will all want something different for Thanksgiving dinner this year. You will find it difficult to tell them “no” when they ask you to cook everything. Do not back down, or you will be too stressed to enjoy the holidays this year.

Scorpio: Oct.23-Nov.21– You will definitely enjoy all of the family conflict that occurs during the holidays. Try not to ruin Thanksgiving altogether.

Sagittarius: Nov.22-Dec.21– Remaining optimistic is one of your best skills, try to use it this year when everything starts to go wrong with your holiday plans.

Capricorn: Dec.22-Jan.19– With your well thought out plans, your Thanksgiving should go smoothly. You may face some bumps in the road during the holidays, but do not worry. You’ll have a backup plan for everything.