Marching Knights bring home the state title


The Marching Knights were rewarded for their determination and hard work at the State Competition.

Alyson Smith , Section Editor

This weekend, the Cabell Midland Marching Knights brought home the title of Grand Champion at the State Competition. This has been the fifth year in a row the Marching Knights have made Cabell Midland incredibly proud. The band is a group full of dedication, passion and friendship.

“We practice every single day,” said color guard/dance team member Caitie Adams. “It is really hard work that we put in, but it is all worth it in the end, when I see the show come together.”

Band director Tim James created another outstanding theme this year for the Marching Knights’ production. The show is called “Bloom” and includes an important meaning to James.

“This year, Mr. James dedicated the show specifically to his mother, and all of the mothers, for everything they do,” said Adams. “Throughout the show, the color guard transforms their costumes from a caterpillar, to a cocoon, and finally into a butterfly.”

The show also has really lovely props and stunts that add a whole new level of awe. These include, giant flower buds, large daisies, umbrellas, a rising drummer and butterfly wings.

“I love it when we continue the path as butterflies and open our wings to make the crowd go wild,” said Adams.

Many fans agree that James has done an excellent job at keeping everyone in sync and on task, and that there has been a great outcome with such a large group of kids. The Marching Knights never fail to make the crowd go crazy.

“It’s a great show this year, and I have great friends to share the experience with,” said Adams. “I know next year has great expectations in store as well.”

The Castle is very proud of its band and all of the effort and work they put into making a stunning performance.