2016 Homecoming Queen and King


Mason Flynn

Senior Ethan Todd was excited to win Homecoming King.

Lauren Fife, Staff Reporter

One of the most entertaining activities that goes on around homecoming is the announcement of the Homecoming Court. Three girls and boys from each class are voted by the student body to become homecoming candidates and participate in the annual parade around the school.

One prince is chosen from each grade at the Medieval Games before the Homecoming King is announced. At the Friday night football game, three princesses are crowned before everybody finds out what they have been waiting to hear: who won the title of Homecoming Queen.

“I was absolutely shocked when they called my name,” said senior and 2016 Homecoming Queen Mikaela Laton. “My first thought was ‘Did they really just say my name?’.”

Laton told The Medieval Times that she never expected to win. She said that she was actually rooting for another one of her friends to win.

“My favorite part of the whole experience was getting to participate in the parade,” said Laton. “And I got to see all of my friends in the autism room afterwards.”

Laton works there, and she was so happy because all of her friends were so excited for her. “I loved getting all of the attention from my fellow peers,” said senior and 2016 Homecoming King Ethan Todd. “It was an awesome feeling.”

Todd, ever the jokester, said that he knew he would obviously win. He even said that the voting would have been “rigged” if somebody else had gotten it over him.

“I was absolutely overcome with joy when they called my name on that field,” said Todd. “That was one of the best days of my life.”