The Marching Knights hit the beach


Senior Brooke Howerton enjoyed taking this picture her freshman year.

Jesten Richardson, Editor-in-Chief

The Marching Knights are off to their final competition this weekend, which following what seems to have become a tradition, is out of state.

This year, the band is traveling to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to compete, and many band kids are excited about the location, especially the seniors, who have gotten the opportunity to compete at Loris High School’s band competition before.

“We’ve gone to Myrtle Beach two times in the past,” said senior, field commander Andrea Jackson. “The first year we went was 2013, and we won everything overall at the competition. The second year, which was my sophomore year, we got rained out. We still had a good time that year, because we had a pizza party and went to see a movie, but I enjoyed freshman year the best, because we actually got to compete.”

Competing in a different state can be a memorable experience, especially when that state has beaches to walk and top-notch hotels.

“We stay in a hotel directly on the beach,” said Jackson. “It’s a really cool trip. We get to go shopping, get in the pool or hot tub or hang out in out rooms, until it is time to compete.”

Another thing that some band students enjoyed the last time they were in Myrtle Beach was the group pictures.

“What I enjoyed the most, overall, was probably the beach pictures,” said senior, color guard captain Brooke Howerton. “Everyone gets together for one, and then we all break into sections and take group pictures. In the past, we have also made shapes from the show we are performing that year, and my favorite was when we made the shape of West Virginia, my freshman year.”

In addition to all the fun activities, there is the Loris Competition, which is the reason for the trip.

“The competition has a warm, good atmosphere,” said band director Tim James. “We get to see bands we have never seen before and compete against some of the best bands in North and South Carolina. It’s a great reward for the end of the year.”

The Loris Competition is one at which many memories were made for seniors, in the past, and it will probably be a place to have more memorable moments this year.

“I remember a lot about the Loris Competition,” said Howerton. “I remember loving the concession stand food, for one, which included deep fried Oreos and boiled peanuts. I also remember the standing ovation that we got from the crowd, eventhough they didn’t know us.”

James hopes to have a good trip and end the season off on a good note, and so do the band kids, specifically the seniors, who do not have another shot.

“This competition will be bittersweet, because it’s my last,” said Howerton. “I expect a lot of hugs and a lot of tears. Hopefully, we will win and get to storm the field, like we did last time. I love it when we do that, because when it happens, it’s like your friend group doesn’t matter, but instead we are one big group.”

Regardless of what happens, the Marching Knights will still be the “best band in the land” (West Virginia) and do their absolute best to make Cabell Midland proud.