Fall sports coming to an end


The Herald Dispatch

Track season is something to look forward to, according to ninth grade world history teacher Brian Casto.

Bella Dragovich, Staff Reporter

Many students and teachers are having mixed feelings about football ending. As the season comes to an end, both athletes and parents are preparing for the upcoming playoffs. Whether it is scrambling for student section themes at the last minute, or trying to fit in a couple more practices, there always seems to be too much to do, in so little time.

“I hate that it is ending,” said junior Shaun Elkins. “The season flew by way too quick, although, I am ready for basketball season to finally start.”

Football ending is troubling to many faculty and students, but it all becomes worthwhile when you find something else to look forward to, like the playoffs. Whether it being a club, a different sport or even a class, enjoying an activity can make coming to school more exciting.

“I am excited for track season this year,” said ninth grade world history teacher, Brian Casto. “The track runners often go unnoticed, but they seem to do very well every year, sometimes even better than the last.”

Besides sports, students and teacher are also getting excited for the academic aspect of this school year. Many students have a favorite class that they enjoy going to every day. It seems to make the mod fly by and make the school day a tad more enjoyable.

“I like having classes that are fun,” said Elkins. “It makes the class easier, Mrs. Faller’s class seems to be my favorite class so far, she is very nice and exciting.”

“I like my classes that are more hands on, where we are actually doing the work for ourselves,” said junior Frankie Tipton. “My art classes are my favorite for that very reason. I can make whatever I want, and it is fun. Mrs. Wilkes is very engaging with her students and helps you out if you are having trouble with anything. I encourage many people to try out an art class; I think they will enjoy it.”

Though some people are unhappy with football ending, getting some insight from other students helps them to think more positively about the school year, which may help the rest of the 180 days go by faster.