November Athlete of the Issue: Hunter Taylor


The Herald-Dispatch

Hunter Taylor is a hardworking and devoted person.

Lexi Hutchinson, Staff Reporter

Being a student athlete is not easy sometimes. Having to balance school, sports, a social life, and sometimes a job in 24 hours can take a toll on anyone. Yet football player, Hunter Taylor, manages it all.
Varsity player, number 49, manages a 4.0 GPA, a job and football. Taylor is currently employed at Home City Ice in Milton, WV.
“I work around 30 hours a month during football,” said Taylor. “But I only work Sundays and sometimes Saturdays.”
With 24 hours in the day and school taking up eight hours, football practice taking up two hours, homework taking up at least an hour, and needing at least eight hours of sleep a night Taylor has around four hours for himself.
“I get around eight hours of sleep every night,” Taylor said. “It helps me stay alert throughout the day.”
Having only four hours a day to work with after it is all said and done can be difficult and cause anyone to stress out.
“It’s hard to find free time for myself,” said Taylor. “But when I do have free time, that’s when I relax and de-stress.”
Sports players sometimes get a reputation of being lazy, but this goes to prove that some athletes work just as hard as other people.