Top Ten Thanksgiving dinner tips



This Thanksgiving, let your manners amaze with these dinner-time tips.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

1. If invited to a thanksgiving dinner, ask if you can bring anything.
It’s always polite to help out the hosts. If bringing a dish, think of something that would be well liked.
2. Thank the guests for coming or the host for the invite.
3. Wash your hands before eating.
4. After sitting down at the table, place a napkin on your lap.
5. Chew with your mouth closed.
This one is obvious but some do not pay attention nor acknowledge that they are chewing with their mouth open. It’s just respectful to chew quietly.
6. Try to eat all that you’ve put on your plate.
This lets the cook know that you thoroughly enjoyed your mean (even if you didn’t), giving them a sense of pride.
7. Keep your phone away.
Keep your focus on the family and friends you have at the table with you. Thanksgiving is about being thankful. Make sure to show that during this time.
8. Do not start a debate or an unnecessary discussion.
This is a happy time, so enjoy it while you can.
9. Sit up, with your elbows off the table.
10. Above all, respect one another.