Cabell Midland student attends space camp

Junior James Parsons represented the Knights at Advanced Space Academy Space Camp this past September.

Jordan King

Junior James Parsons represented the Knights at Advanced Space Academy Space Camp this past September.

Jordan King, Staff Reporter

Junior James Parsons recently took a trip to the Advanced Space Academy Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Advanced Space Academy is a five day adventure that gives high school students the ability to pave pathways for their futures, make friends and explore careers they might be interested in. Students are taught science, technology, engineering and math education while focusing on college and career preparation. There are many diverse and unusual missions that give students more teamwork experience to prepare for becoming the next generation of space leaders and explorers.
The Advanced Space Academy is a college-accredited program through the University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAHuntsville). These students earn one hour of freshman-level general science credit from UAHuntsville. Students are also given information on how they can transfer this credit to their transcript to go towards other colleges.
There is also a highly selective, invitation only 12-night camp that students who excel in the five day camp can be invited to.
Some of the activities students engage in include:
* Space Suit Theory and Design
* Space Physiology
* Scuba Space Walk Training
* Aeronautic Design
* Jet Aircraft Stimulations
* Orbital Mechanics

Advanced Space Academy explores college and career preparation through an immersive experience in science, engineering, technology and math. There are so many astronaut training experiences, engineering challenges and teambuilding activities all culminating in an extended-duration simulated space mission.
Parsons has went to space camp since he was in sixth grade.
“I love space camp,” said Parsons. “My favorite part about it is the zip lining it’s so fun and I feel like I’m flying. I also really like the MAT (Multi-Axis Trainer), it scared me the first year I went, but after that I really started to enjoy it.”
Overall Parsons says that this space camp is a great experience and he recommends that, if anyone is given the chance to go they do.