Thanksgiving traditions around the world


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Thanksgiving traditions may vary, but it is a holiday many people look forward to.

Lexi Hutchinson, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is a holiday many love and celebrate, but not everyone’s traditions are the same.
Some people may call it something different, some may not feast like many Americans do, and some may celebrate it on a different day.
Thanksgiving in America is a cliché holiday, which changes every year, and it is where the whole family gets together to feast on an assortment of food. Many times Americans have food such as turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, pies, and casseroles. Families gathers around a table, or two, and say their blessings or what they’re thankful for. After the dinner many families gather around the TV to watch the football games going on, and some may nap due to being stuffed with turkey.
Canadians celebrate Jour de l’Action Grace on the second Monday of October. Besides the day and the time, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving just like Americans. Canadians gather as a family and enjoy a feast while looking back on the year’s blessings. Canadians usually have the huge feast on either Sunday or Monday during the holiday weekend.
In London, they celebrate what is called a Harvest Fest. People from all over the world who enjoy gardening visit London just to be a part of this event. They do not feast, but instead they engage in things such as competitions and activities. On the second day of the festival, key events such as the pumpkin contest and apple tasting is held for the people.
In Germany, it is not even considered a holiday, but it does have a name, Erntedanfest. This holiday is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of October and is organized by the church. It is more of a festival, than sitting down and eating event. There is usually a parade and a carnival decorated with fruits and vegetables harvested by the people.
Many holidays across countries may have a different date, name, or traditions, but can still have similarities.