November Teacher of the Issue: Courtney Anastasio


Courtney Anastasio

This Teacher of the Issue has a lot to offer Cabell Midland and her students.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

Cabell Midland High School claims to have a school filled with talented teachers. Courtney Anastasio, English 10, mass communications and yearbook teacher, has begun to grow since teaching at Midland.
Starting out, Anastasio taught English 11, journalism, yearbook and mass communications. Ten years ago, Anastasio never saw herself as a teacher.
“I just saw myself in a career somewhere,” said Anastasio. “Originally I went to college to be a broadcast journalism major but then I switched to English education and journalism education.”
Anastasio has been married to her husband, Rob Anastasio, for almost a year and a half. He encourages her on the tough and tiring days.
“I usually go home and tell him if something happened and he tries giving me advice because he’s a teacher as well,” said Anastasio.
Being a teacher is just one of the interesting facts about Courtney Anastasio. She explains the other things that make her unique.
“I can ride a unicycle. I learned to ride one in the fifth grade,” said Anastasio. “I have a cute, adorable puppy, and her name is Zoey, whom just turned one year old. I have a kitty, named Emmy Lou, and my husband and I started a videography business this past summer called Emmy and Zoey Productions. Also, I became an aunt this summer. Lastly, I have a collection of post cards.”
Anastasio embraces the changes of students from the first day they enter her classroom to the last.
“The greatest thing about being a teacher is when you actually get to see the finished products of projects students have been working on and see the hard work they put into stuff,” said Anastasio.
Anastasio believes in soulfully trying her best in all that she does and encourages students to do the same.
“As long as I try my best on something and I know I’ve given a 100 percent, I’m never disappointed with myself,” said Anastasio. “As long as my students give a 100 percent, they should also never be disappointed in themselves either.”