A countdown of the top ten Thanksgiving side dishes


Serious Eats

Sweet potato casserole is a great dish that fits well next to a Thanksgiving turkey.

Ginny Hardin, Staff Reporter

10. Sweet Potato Casserole- One of the most traditional dishes of the holiday.
9. Cranberry Sauce- The sweetness adds some much needed variety to your meal.
8. Mashed Potatoes- A staple for your Thanksgiving feast.
7. Corn- Corn was one of the foods at the original Thanksgiving feast so it is only right to keep the tradition going.
6. Green Beans- Another one of the originals and must haves.
5. Stuffing- Another traditional dish for your feast
4. Gravy- Whether you pair it with your turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing or all of the above, gravy is essential to a successful Thanksgiving meal.
3. Mac and Cheese- One of the best side dishes to any meal.
2. Rolls- Rolls or any other type of bread are must have at any dinner, especially Thanksgiving.
1. Pumpkin Pie- The dessert is always the best part. Paired with ice cream and whip cream, this dish cannot be beat.