The Medieval Games bring fun and competition


The Herald Dispatch

The Medieval Games are very festive at Cabell Midland.

Ethan Todd, Staff Reporter

This past week at Cabell Midland was filled with fun festivities. Many students went all out for spirit week, while others could not even focus in school due to the excitement of Homecoming. Thursday was an intense day here at the castle. Trash talk was brewing throughout the school between opposing classes in preparation for the Medieval Games. The most intense rivalry in the school was between the seniors and the returning champs of last year’s games, the juniors.
Throughout the day many students geared up and put on their war paint for the battle that would take place at 1:05 p.m. on the football field. As the students made their way to the field, some of the competitors had to mentally prepare for the war ahead. Senior Nate Dunlap had a few words on how he was able to get his head in the game. “You know it’s simple really. I sit down and focus on the task at head. I pull out my family’s war spear, which has been passed down for generations. I call upon my ancestors for strength. Once the ritual is complete, I take no prisoners.” The games kicked off in a remarkable fashion. The first three events were won by the underdog seniors, but what looked like a clean sweep for the seniors, slowly turned into a nightmare. The first event lost for the seniors was the three legged race. Thinking that it was luck, the seniors shrugged it off and immediately took to the middle of the field for the more anticipated tug of war. As the teams lined up, the seniors were confident that they would win. However, controversy took ahold of the games; half of the seniors did not go, which led to a one sided win for the juniors.