Top 10 dog breeds to watch for during the annual post-parade dog show


Many Americans look forward to seeing the different breeds in the dog show.

Kylie Powers, Staff Reporter

1. Maltese
Ms. Hayes has a maltese named Abby Lynn, and she rocks.
2. Siberian Husky
Huskies are known for their white and black fluffy fur and bright blue eyes. The temperament of a Husky is outgoing, gentle, intelligent, alert and friendly.
3. Puggle
Puggles usually have a light brown coat with a dark face. Puggles are lively, gentle, sweet-tempered, intelligent, playful, loyal, brave, affectionate, spirited and keen; they also have impressive hunting instincts and are willful, watchful, determined, happy and loving.
4. Bulldog
Bulldogs are usually light brown and white or all white with dark eyes. They are broad shouldered dogs with many wrinkles. The temperament of a bulldog is docile, willful, friendly and gregarious.
5. American Pit Bull Terrier
The colors of a pit bull range from black, grey, white, fawn, brown, red, brindle to tan. Pit bulls are strong willed, friendly, courageous, obedient, clownish, intelligent, loyal, stubborn and affectionate.
6. German Shepard
The color of a German Shepard ranges from grey, to sable, to black with elements of red and silver. They are watchful, obedient, courageous, alert, loyal, intelligent, curious and confident.
7. Boxer
Boxers are white, brindle and fawn or a mixture of all three. They are playful, energetic, confident, devoted, friendly, fearless, bright, calm, brave, loyal, cheerful and intelligent.
8. Beagle
Most beagles are brown and white, white and tan, red and white or tri-colored. They are even tempered, excitable, determined, gentle, amiable and intelligent.
9. Poodle
Poodles are black, sable, apricot, white, silver, red, cream, grey and brown. They are very luxurious dogs that are most known for living with high class people. They are intellectual, faithful, intelligent, alert, active and trainable.
10. Golden Retriever
Golden retrievers are usually light golden, dark golden, golden or cream. They are reliable, kind, trustworthy, friendly, confident and intelligent.