Midland’s golf team ends the season with smiles


Noah Mullens

Members of the Cabell Midland golf team pose with their first place medals.

Hannah Black, Staff Reporter

Cable Midland’s 2016 golf season has reigned its golf team back-to-back state champions.

Senior golfer Zach Chapman has announced this season as his “best one yet”. Chapman was invited to the Mid Atlantic Championship. The tournament combined many golfers from West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland in a point bracketed tournament.

Chapman plans to continue his golf career throughout his years in college.

Junior golfer Andy Michaels placed second in the state tournament in Wheeling, West Virginia.

“I started the season off with an elbow injury, and I was out for two weeks,” said Michaels.”I came through with an amazing ending to my season, though, because I listened to my trainer and stayed on track.”

The team continued their undefeated season from last year, and is considered the best in the state.

“The tournaments were easy,” said Michaels. “Nobody got near us.”

The team’s confidence got better throughout the year, as they were used to the winning.

“We went into every tournament we played knowing we would win,” said Michaels.

Michaels plans to further continue his golfing career at West Virginia University.

The golfers all get along nicely and are very good friends outside of practices.

“We’re all very funny individuals,” said Chapman.

“We had a heck of a team,” said Michaels. “I’m going to miss the seniors next season.”

“I believe we had one of the best seasons in high school golf history,” said head golf coach Matt Stead. “We had four all-staters and a completely undefeated season.”

The golfers’ success may continue next year.

“Josef and I will be here to hold the team up next year,” said Michaels, referring to Josef Dransfield, a fellow junior golfer.

Michael’s advice for upcoming golfers was to stay clear of injuries, practice a lot and take it seriously.