December Horoscopes


What will this season hold for you?

Jordan King and Lauren Fife

Aquarius- You have a tendency to be too detached and make your loved ones feel unloved. Try giving your family a little extra attention during the holidays.
Pisces- Pisces enjoy helping others so spend some time volunteering at local soup kitchens around Christmas time. You definitely won’t get coal in your stocking if you do this.
Aries- Being spontaneous can be a good thing, but don’t cancel the plans with your family to do something more exciting this Christmas. You might not think too much of it, but it could upset them more than you realize. Holidays are all about family time.
Taurus- As a Taurus, you definitely love to eat. You’ll enjoy your holidays even more this year when you see all of the food at your family’s table. Beware of the holiday 15 though!
Gemini- The holidays can make people a little crazy, but try to keep your quick witted comments to yourself and not say anything too hurtful to your loved ones, or you might end up starting unnecessary drama.
Cancer- You might find yourself feeling pessimistic about Christmas, but don’t let this keep you from enjoying your holiday break.
Leo- Tip for the holidays: try out a new hairstyle during break. Your family members will love it, and you’ll enjoy all of the attention it will bring.
Virgo- Try being less meticulous this holiday season, small details don’t matter as long as you’re enjoying the time you’re spending with your family, nothing will ever be perfect so don’t lose it if your gingerbread house is uneven.
Libra- Multiple people will ask you for favors this Christmas, and it’s hard for you to say no to anyone so be careful and don’t bite off more than you can chew, and make sure you leave time to relax.
Scorpio- You’re full of energy this year for the holidays. Put it to good use and help your parents out by setting up the Christmas tree, or hanging Christmas lights.
Sagittarius- Try being less impatient, even though all those presents under the tree look promising keep your patience and wait to open them until Christmas day, no peeking!
Capricorn- Don’t get detached from your family this holiday season. You can always watch Netflix by yourself, but why not try getting together with the family and watching a movie or show with them this Christmas.