10 wrapping tips for busy/lazy/frugal people



Wrapping can be easy, fast and inexpensive.

Bella Dragovitch, Staff Reporter

1. Use double-stick tape to speed up your process
2. If your gift is an odd shape, decorate a paper bag as giftwrap.
3. Use newspaper as wrapping paper.
4. Make your own wrapping by drawing ribbons and a bow on a plain gift box.
5. Don’t have gift tags? Use a playing card, or print some out.
6. If you have enough paper, designate a color/pattern for each person so that gift tags aren’t necessary.
7. No ribbon? Use paper and tape to create the illusion of well tied ribbon.
8.  Draw designs on plain paper to make it less boring.
9. Tie ribbon around plain, unwrapped boxes for a simple look that still feels elegant.

10. Store your paper rolls in a garment bag and hang it in the closet for easy access.