10 Christmas gift ideas to brighten Mom’s day



Recreating old photos can end up being the perfect gift for Mom.

Hunter Wheeler, Section Editor

Giving a gift to your mom is a holiday tradition that goes back for centuries.  Moms enjoy all kinds of gifts, because, with them, it is the thought that counts, even when all you did was make a homemade card for her when you were young and had no money.  Shopping for your mom can be very simple and doesn’t always have to break the bank.
Here are some suggestions:
1. Flowers- Cost effective, and a great decoration for the house.
2. Jewelry- May not always be the cheapest of gifts but allows your mom to look and feel beautiful.
3. Clothes- Women all love clothes no matter what; just make sure you don’t get too big of a size.
4. Purses- Women love to have the most stylish of purses to carry all their mom things in.
5. Trips- Everyone loves to travel and if you have the money, your mom would love a trip to Florida.
6. Recreation of old photos- Moms love it when their children recreate old family photos, it is funny and meaningful.
7. Gift Cards- Why shop for your mom and get it wrong, when she can shop for herself and get what she wants?
8. Edible Arrangement- Who doesn’t love chocolate covered fruits?
9. Spa Day- Allow your mom to relax and unwind from all of her daily mom duties.
10. Pinterest Gift- Try and create something from the heart.