10 pawesome pet gifts for your purrfect pal


Mason Flynn

Furry/scaly friends deserve presents over the holiday too.

Lauren Fife, Editor-in-Chief in training

1. Holiday Collar
You love your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, so why shouldn’t your pet have something just as cheesy?
2. Homemade Treats
If you enjoy baking and making your furry (or scaly) friend happy, then you might consider stuffing your pet’s stocking with some homemade treats. You can find plenty of different pet-friendly recipes on Pinterest!
3. Funny Toys
Most pets love toys, and you can find funny Christmas special toys at all kinds of stores.
4. Jingle Bells
Attach some jingle bells to your pet’s collar. The constant jingling might aggravate you, but it will keep your pet feeling in the Christmas spirit.
5. A Personalized Stocking
Each member of your family probably has a stocking hung up on the mantle, so why should your pet be left out? Buy your pet a stocking, and have their name printed on it. You could even include a cute slogan like, “I believe in Santa Paws!”
6. Quality Time
There’s nothing your pet loves more than spending time with you. As a gift to your pet this holiday break, try to spend some more time with them and give a little extra attention. Maybe throw in some treats or toys though, so it doesn’t seem like you just forgot.
7. Favorite Snack
Everyone has a favorite food, and your pet probably does too. Too much people food is not good for any animal, but everybody pigs out during the holidays. Just make sure it’s a pet approved food!
8. New Bed
Your pet best friend obviously sleeps in your bed every night, but during the day they might want a cozy pet bed to curl up on. You can even find beds for your scaly friends online!
9. Santa Hat
Dressing silly during the holidays is just a tradition. Don’t leave your pet feeling left out this year. Almost all pet stores come out with adorable Santa Clause hats this time of year.
10. A Furever Friend
The best gift you could get your pet this year is a lifelong pal. Plenty of animals spend the holidays waiting to find a home. Visit your local animal shelter to find your pet the perfect buddy.