Christmas traditions around the world


Many Americans enjoy nutcrackers.

Elisabet Gudjonsdottir, Staff Reporter

Every country has its own traditions, and now with the Christmas season around the corner, many people are planning the holiday. Although many of the traditions might be considered odd by Americans, they are an important part of the culture of the other countries.
In South Africa, people have an unusual way of celebrating this holiday. On Christmas Day, locals like to eat deep-fried caterpillars. Although this might be a cringe-worthy thought for many, most of the people in South Africa love to eat this delicacy and are proud of having such an unusual tradition.
In Japan, they decide to eat an American delicacy. They decide on Christmas day to eat KFC. Thanks to a powerful campaign in 1974, the Japanese felt the urge to celebrate the holiday with deep-fried chicken. The logic behind this tradition is unusual, but it is quite entertaining.
In Venezuela, people turn to exercise on Christmas Eve. They wake up and tie roller skates to their feet and roll around the city in big groups. Of course, after the roller skating, they attend mass at church. Despite this being an odd tradition, it doesn’t beat the tradition in Finland.
In Finland, families love to spend time together on Christmas Eve. In a sauna. Naked. Although this is considered normal in Finland, it is quite bizarre. Despite this being unusual, nothing beats the traditions of Iceland.
The Icelandics like to tell folk stories to children around Christmas time to scare them into behaving. They threaten telling them that a Christmas cat will come to their house, drag them out of their bed and give them to an old lady that will eat them. It doesn’t stop there. In addition to that, people of Iceland love to eat rotten shark, whale and puffins on Christmas day, and after dinner they dance around a Christmas tree.
Despite that all of these traditions are odd, they define each and every country and create a sense of pride for the citizens. Creating that pride for them is unreplaceable, and makes their holiday season unforgettable.