10 things to look forward to with December


The Holidaze

These snacks are just one thing to look forward to.

Aubree Howard-Brown, Staff Reporter

1. You enter a constant state of festivity, because the month you’ve been waiting for (or not waiting for because your festivities started a month early) is finally here!
2. Crank up your speaker with holiday tunes because once its December you won’t be shamed for your holiday cheer.
3. And if your favorite songs aren’t Christmas songs, you will MAKE THEM CHRISTMAS SONGS.
4. You can finally break out all your cute holiday outfits. (Including those reindeer pajamas you’ve been wanting to wear.)
5. Your house becomes the least bit ordinary covered floor to ceiling in lights and holiday magic, which sadly means your electricity bill for the month is less than merry.
6. Puns come in full force in the season of giving, and you find ways to make every phrase you say a holiday pun.
7. When you hide from the cruel world in your bed, you do so in the holiday spirit.
8. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album plays at all times on repeat.
9. Your response to any responsibilities you have all month is to not to do them, because who needs responsibilities when you’ve got Christmas tree Debbie Cakes and fuzzy socks?
10. You’re still crushing it every day, just with more holiday vibes.