December Counselor of the Issue: Christy Hedrick


Damon Linville

Christy Hedrick is a very positive and kind woman.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

The Midland staff continues to grow every few years with skilled and highly educated counselors and Christy Hedrick is such.
Hedrick graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Marshall University. Hedrick decided to be a counselor because of her love for kids and ability to help others.
“I love helping young children and high school kids,” said Hedrick. “I just love being around them.”
Hedrick’s life motto stems from the saying, “It is not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it that matters,” from Epictetus.
Hedrick said the students and staff of Midland have taught her the importance of teamwork.
“They’ve taught me the importance of working together and keeping everyone on the same page,” said Hedrick.
On rough days, Hedrick said that she has five other counselors to lean on.
“I always find one of the other counselors to get me through a bad day. It’s one of the nice parts of having this job,” said Hedrick
Jenna McCommas, another counselor here at Midland, said that Hedrick’s happiness spills onto all who know her.
“She’s happy, she is just a happy lady,” said McComas. “Mrs. Hedrick is a very busy lady. She has four kids and her husband works out of town a lot so it’s as if she’s a single mom. She’s here and she does her job great. I think it’s awesome that she can stay that busy and that upbeat and on top of things.”
Hedrick makes it a point to interact with kids in a special way and McComas notices that each day she walks into work.
“She’s super friendly and she will listen to anything that you have to say, even if our answer has to be no, she’ll still listen to you. Again, she is always super happy.”