D.I.Y.- Interesting Ornaments



These ornaments are cute and full of Christmas spirit.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

Found at http://www.nobiggie.net/diy-mini-snow-globe-ornament/
1. Clear, plastic, old-fashioned Christmas light bulb ornaments.
2. Martha Stewart course white glitter.
3. Mini bottle brush trees.
4. Red and white striped baker’s twine.
5. A low temperature hot glue gun.
1. Put the tiny bottle brush trees in bleach water, then comb them while they are still in water.
2. Rinse and dry the trees.
3. Place trees in the bulb with a dab of hot glue.
4. Use a funnel to add glitter to each one.
5. Add a few drops of hot glue to the lid to make sure it stays secure.
6. Tie a red and white bow to the top of the lid.