Holiday help: five last minute Secret Santa gift ideas


This gift will bring joy to people with a sweet tooth.

Morgan Browning , Staff Reporter

Christmas time calls for many traditions amongst friends and family, including Secret Santa. Secret Santa is when everyone participating draws a name from a hat, but doesn’t tell each other who they got. Then, they buy gifts for that person and everyone trades the presents. Lastly, they reveal who had who.
This can be a tricky task, if you don’t know the person very well and asking them questions would be too obvious. You want to play it safe and get gifts they would enjoy, so below is a list of a few Secret Santa gifts that are simple, but also perfect for someone you don’t know a lot about.
1. A Movie Box: Taking a cute basket and filling it with goodies may sound cliché, but anybody can enjoy a nice movie night at home. You can fill the basket with popcorn, candy, soda, and either a movie gift card or a new DVD for your Secret Santa.
2. Food Puns: Everybody loves a good pun, and good food. Take any type of goodies and google puns to attach onto the wrapper. For example, you could put “Merry TWIX-mas to you!” on a twix bar. Just make sure they aren’t allergic to anything first!
3. Spa Basket: This is perfect for any woman. Anyone could use a bath bomb after the stressful holiday shopping or nail polish for their “mistletoes.” Add some stuffing and throw in some girl products and you can’t go wrong!
4. Gift Cards: You can never go wrong with a gift card to a shop around town. This way, your Secret Santa can buy themselves something with your money, allowing you to not mess up with the gift!
5. Candy Bouquet: Using a vase for flowers and attaching candy to sticks instead of flowers is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. This way, they have a nice vase for flowers later on, but have something to eat and that won’t die in just a few days.