December Athlete of the Issue: Faith Craddock


Faith Craddock

This student athlete has found the perfect balance of sports, school and social life.

Lexi Hutchinson, Staff Reporter

Trying to balance a social life, keeping good grades and sports can be a challenge, but this athlete manages to do it all. Faith Craddock, number 12 on the basketball team, has mastered the life of a student athlete.
When asked if basketball impacts her grades, Craddock said, “It doesn’t really affect my grades but it does affect the time I have for homework and studying.” She continued on to say, “I’m glad we have SHIELD because without it I would have a harder time with my grades.”
Playing sports creates obstacles for every athlete. Craddock said that her biggest obstacle would have to be scholarships. She said, “I need to let them know that I’m worth it.”
Craddock has been playing basketball since 6th grade. “I had never touched a ball till my friends talked me into playing,” Craddock said.
She continued to say, “It’s a stress reliever, fun and it’s a great feeling to be on a team with your friends,” Craddock said this is what keeps her coming back to the game.
With sports comes the ups and downs. Craddock said, “My favorite part is working together and winning.” Like any athlete though, her least favorite part would be losing.
With many colleges giving athletic scholarships, going pro is something many student athlete thinks about. Craddock said, “I don’t think I want to go pro, but I want to play in college.”
With practices and games taking up almost every day of the week, keeping a social life is almost impossible for some. When asked about her social life, Craddock said, “Well, it somewhat impacts my life because I’m always practicing or have games, but most of my friends are on the team with me.”
Traveling can be a big part of sports when you have teams all over the state and can really impact attendance with family and fans. “Travel really has no impact on my family attendance. My mom has never missed one of my games,” said Craddock.
This athlete seems to have managed it all, with her friends on the team with her, keeping her grades up and keeping up with the team.