Top 10 things to look forward to in 2017


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Discovering new books is but one of the many things to look forward to in 2017.

Ginny Hardin, Staff Reporter

10. New Books- New books for 2017 include the works of Paula Hawkins, David Grann and Dan Chaon.
9. New Experiences- The beginning of each year is a fresh start that brings new opportunities.
8. New movies- Whether it’s a new concept, sequel or book turned into a movie, this year is sure to be filled with box office success.
7. Medical Advances- Doctors started off the year by creating a medicine that can relieve the heart complications from diabetes.
6. New TV Shows- This year will bring new shows and new seasons of old shows.
5. Technology Advances- With the prototype release of Faraday Future’s FF91, you can only expect more releases to out-do the design.
4. Prom- The best excuse to get dressed up and eat expensive food.
3. End Of The School Year- For some it’s another year closer to graduation, for others high school is over and the next chapter begins.
2. Summer 2017- Vacations, warm weather, lazy days, sleeping in and time off from school, what else could you want?
1. New President- Whether you love Trump or hate Trump, we can all agree this will be an interesting four years.