Six suggestions on how to make scheduling easier and less stressful

Scheduling may be made easier by following these suggestions.

The Medinamite

Scheduling may be made easier by following these suggestions.

Samuel Rutherford, Staff Reporter

Scheduling is one of the hardest things a student has to do; it can be stressful and time consuming. Fortunately, if you follow some of these steps, it might turn out to be easier for you
1. Plan ahead.

What I mean by this is have an idea to what classes you want to take ahead of time. This will take off the thought of rushing to schedule for next school year.

2. Try new things.

If you can’t decide on a class to take, take one that you have never tried before. You don’t have to stress about what classes to take and if you do this then you can go into your new class open minded.

3.  Get teacher recommendations.

Believe it or not, the teachers that you have right now have the best vision ahead as far as classes go. Teachers can see what you are interested in academically, and they are unbiased, so they can give some very good recommendations.

4. Talk to your parents.

Your parents have known you the longest out of anyone on the planet, so going to them might be a good thing to consider. Your parents have also been through scheduling, so they can definitely help you in any way they can.

5. If all else fails, stick with what you know.

Try to choose classes that you know you will love, or choose a class you know you will succeed in. Don’t pick a class just because a friend is in said class or because you heard the teacher is lenient or easy going. Even if the class has your friends and a lenient teacher, it still maybe very challenging.

6.  Make smart choices for your future.
Think of what you would possibly like to do in the future and focus your classes around that. If you do not know what occupation you would like to pursue then try have good judgement.