January Dog of the Issue: Major (owner: Ginny Hardin)


Ginny Hardin

Major is a pal that brightens his owner’s daily life.

Hunter Wheeler, Section Editor

Dogs are man’s best-friend. They make special companions that bring joy and happiness to all the people they are around.  Dog is set forth to shine the spotlight on students furry friends, and Ginny Hardin’s golden retriever/mastiff mix, Major, was bought at a softball field after Ginny had broken her arm and told her father the only way to fix her heart was to get a puppy.
Major is two-time cancer survivor, and has grown to a whopping 153 pounds.  Due to Major’s cancer, he now has a claw for a foot, and has to be kept on a healthy diet so he is able to support his weight.  Major has not let his cancer get him down, he loves to play with his brother Max and his sister July the cat.  Major loves baths in the sun, playing with his toys and enjoy a big steak.  Though a missing ear, he still obeys commands and can do many tricks, including sitting and rolling-over.  Major always loves chewing on everything, even a hole in Ginny’s deck.
“Major is the best dog ever,” said Ginny, “He gets along with all of our other pets, including his favorite, my cat July.”
Major is still a puppy at heart even though he is 56 in dog years. He jumps and plays as if he is only a couple of years old.  Major may be old, but he does not look his age, and every dog wishes they could be as good looking as him.  Ginny and her family look forward to many more fun, playful years with Major, and do not know what they would do without him.