January Teacher of the Issue: Shelly Brooks


Alec Bentley

English teacher Shelly Brooks brings passion to her class and teaching.

Bethany Tomblin, Staff Reporter

The newspaper team of 2016-17 has named Shelly Brooks, who has taught at Midland for seven years, the teacher of the issue. Brooks teaches AP Language and Composition, 10th grade English Honors and Creative Writing.
Brooks graduated from Marshall University with a Journalism and English degree and a masters in education. Although, she went into college with a different plan in mind.
“If I’m being honest, I saw myself as a sports’ writer,” said Brooks. “That is why my first degree is in journalism, and it wasn’t until later on that I saw myself becoming a teacher.”
Education has been an outlet for Brooks her whole life, and she continues to learn new things everyday by being a teacher.
“As a teacher, I feel like you learn more than you do when you’re a student,” said Brooks. “So my encouragement is to continue learning, both from my students and my life experiences.”
Brooks connects with students on a partnership level and states that learning is just as important for students as it is for her.
“I feel the best way to reach students and to reach their level of understanding is to present the class like it’s a partnership,” said Brooks. “We all have to work hard together to make it work.”
Brooks also states that she has a passion for literature and reading. Her love for books flourishes as the years go on.
“I get to talk about books with other intelligent human beings for the rest of my life and that is the greatest part of being a teacher,” said Brooks. “In college when I was getting my journalism degree, I took English classes for fun and when I decided that I didn’t want to be a sports’ writer, it was just a natural next thing to do.”