Students start making spring break plans


Kaleidoscope Adventures

Myrtle Beach is a beloved vacation spot for many West Virginians.

Tatum True, Section Editor

Spring Break is the one time of year when students can let go and have fun. This week, there are no holiday’s celebrated, no mandatory family gatherings and best of all a great time to relax.
A popular activity to do over Spring break is to go to the beach. Junior, Andrew Childers is going to Myrtle Beach.
“Myrtle Beach is where I go every year,” said Childers.
Myrtle Beach is a popular destination amongst teens because of their highly sought after teen clubs. Myrtle Beach also provides its visitors with hundreds of activities to do over the break.
Other students at Midland have different interests to participate in during Spring Break. For example, sophomores Gracie Brumfield and Tori Kelly have a softball tournament to attend in Ohio over break.
“Softball takes up a lot of our time,” said Brumfield. “But it is all worth it in the end.”
Athletic students can count on travelling for tournaments this year.
Marketing teacher Tara Safford already has relaxing plans for Spring Break. Safford plans to relax in the comfort of her home with her family.
“I am extremely excited and looking forward to Spring Break,” said Safford.
Whatever you plan on doing this Spring Break, be sure to have fun and make the most of it. Whether you decide to go on a spontaneous tropical trip, or stay inside with loved ones, do not forget to live it up!