Eight tips for tackling the ACT


Summit Academy Schools

Taking the ACT is a necessary step for many high school students.

Brennan Holmes, Athletics Consultant

Tip #1: Get a good night sleep.
– Without a good, long rest the night before the test, you could be tired and groggy in the morning. This could potentially result in you not being focused during the test, impacting your efficiency and score.
Tip #2: Stay relaxed.
– Being relaxed during the test is very important to maximizing your score. Stressing out could cause you to rush and miss things, or take too much time on questions, so make sure to stay relaxed and focused at the same time.
Tip #3: Study.
– Studying has been proven to lead to better test scores, so taking online preparation quizzes and reading the ACT handbook may be extremely beneficial to your success.
Tip #4: Don’t cram the night before.
– Staying up late and cramming the night before the test could possibly overload your brain, causing fatigue and stress while you’re taking the test.
Tip #5: Don’t linger on hard questions.
– Since the ACT is timed, staying on a hard question for more than a minute could cause you to not answer all the questions. Skip the hard question so that you can answer the easier ones, then once you finish, go back and try to figure it out or give it your best guess.
Tip#6: Use the process of elimination.
– Every multiple choice question has one definite answer, so eliminate the answers you know are absolutely wrong.
Tip #7: Fill in the bubble sheet as you go.
– Waiting to fill in the bubble sheet until the end may seem like it saves time, but you may run out of time to fill it in if you try to get through all of the questions first. Instead, fill the sheet in as you go to avoid unnecessary stress in the last five minutes of the test sections.
Tip #8: Trust your initial answer.
– Most of the time your first answer is right, so unless you are 110 percent positive that your first answer is wrong, leave it as it is.