National Guard as another option


Damon Linville

Here are the friendly faces of Cabell Midland’s recruiters.

Jesten Richardson , Editor-in-Chief

With graduation only a few months away, many seniors have begun to devote more time and attention to planning out their future goals and aspirations. However, many students also do not understand just how many options are open to them. Besides college, technical school and jumping straight into the workforce, students may join army programs, such as the National Guard.
This program, though it offers several benefits, is often misunderstood and brushed aside.
Fortunately, for students who are interested, Cabell Midland has several National Guard recruiters who are available to alleviate concerns and clear up misconceptions about the Guard and what being a Guard member entitles.
“Our main goal when we come to Cabell Midland is to provide the information about the Guard that people don’t know,” said Sgt. Andrew Brooks. “For example, the fact that, as part of the Guard, you get to do community service and the fact that the Guard also provides college benefits to students. People don’t always realize that the Guard can help them get over hurdles in their life or get to college, even paying up to 100 percent of the fee up to a master’s degree or for time in trade schools.”
One misconception about the National Guard is that it requires prolonged active military duty, but although there is a chance of deployment, according to Staff Ssg. Derek Salvatore, this is not typically the case.
“Being in the National Guard is not usually like being in active duty,” said Salvatore. “You are usually only on duty once a month, and it is usually mainly concerned with community outreach projects and things like that.”
According to Brooks, the National Guard also takes on tasks such as national disaster relief and the war on terrorism, and their community outreach projects include work within high schools.
“We’re not just here to recruit,” said Brooks. “We actually do interviews and offer tons and tons of classes, even like how to balance a checkbook. We’re here to help the teachers more than anything, and we usually come in with a game plan of what we want to talk about.”
If you are interested in this program, more information, including training duration and contract specifications, is available in the counseling office, through the recruiters or at Do not hesitate to use all of the resources provided to you before reaching a decision.