Five steps to pulling off your New Year’s resolutions


Many people set fitness goals for the new year.

Alyson Smith, Section Editor

Step 1: Make sure your goals are specific.
Vague goals leave room for distraction. Write your goals down and allow them to be achievable.  Be sure you are aware of the exact results you want to see accomplished. Also, make sure your goals are realistic and reachable over a given amount of time.
Step 2: Track your progress.
Measure your daily, weekly or monthly advancements towards your goal. By doing this, you will stay on track and motivated to work harder.
Step 3: Anticipate problems that could occur.
Make sure you address possible problems or obstacles that could slow your progress. Once you have acknowledged these issues, find a way to work them into your resolution and cope with them.
Step 4: Share your goals with others.
Informing friends and family about your resolution and progress can bring you pride and these people can provide encouragement to push you to your goal.
Step 5: Do not give up.
Do not let your spirits keep you down on a bad day. If you veer off course, do not get discouraged and quit your resolution completely. Try again tomorrow and realize that your goal can still be reached if you keep trying.