January Senior of the Issue: Ella Cooper


Ella Cooper

Senior Ella Cooper has been noted, by many adults, to be an exceptional student and leader.

Alyson Smith, Section Editor

Many students here at Cabell Midland High School strive to be well-rounded and successful in everything that they do. Senior Ella Cooper makes obtaining these attributes look easy. Along with being the projected valedictorian, she holds the role of student body president. She has also gone above and beyond when it comes to planning for the future.
“I have applied to a multitude of colleges including Ohio State, Yale, West Virginia, Wake Forest, University of Kentucky, Washington University in St. Louis, Case Western Marshall,” said Cooper. “I had a very successful interview with Harvard.”
While also maintaining a 4.8 GPA, Ella is kept busy with her extracurricular activities.
“In my free time I like to write poetry,” said Cooper. “I enjoy playing the piano on my own and for my church and going to the gym with my friends.”
When looking back on her high school career, Ella remembers sophomore year as a personal favorite. It was a time filled with a few of her favorite memories.
“It was the last year that I had where I wasn’t stressed out. My friend group was still together and it was the year I met my boyfriend, Trent,” said Cooper. “My favorite class was AP Biology. It really renewed my interest for what I want to be when I grow up.”
Even as she looks back on her high school memories, Ella has worked at making the rest of her senior year unforgettable from planning for prom to talking senior photo shoots.
“For my senior prom I plan on wearing a laced, red dress with long sleeves,” said Cooper. “Also, I’ve had a senior photo shoot taken in the fall leaves on the trail behind my house. I would like to take more in the spring when the trees are in full bloom, and in our first snow, if we ever get one.”

As excited as she is to move on to bigger and better opportunities, Ella describes the approach of graduation as an unreal feeling.
“Last year, when I was working with the student council for senior color day, it hit me that I was going to be graduating in a year, and it was so surreal that I was coming full circle to finish my high school career.” said Cooper. “It’s been real, but it hasn’t been real fun. I’m ready to go on and see what the future has to offer, and I hope that everyone with me can enjoy their futures as well.”