Trump’s first weeks spark controversy


The Wahington Star-News

President Trump has drafted many executive orders, which many find ironic, considering his strong opinions on the amount done by President Obama.

Elisabet Gudjonsdottir, Staff Reporter

Many have shown their concern of what is going to happen with the United States of America now that President Donald Trump has taken over. Many minorities are outraged and have shown their concerns while only portion of the majority in the United States are content with President Trump’s actions in his first weeks of office.
One of the most major executive order that Trump has made is the policy on immigration. He has decided to block refugee admission, and also green card holders, from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan, although none of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the US have been residents from these countries. Despite this fact Donald Trump has made the ban, which many call the “Muslim ban”. Some experts have pointed out that the countries which were banned have no ties to Donald Trump’s businesses which include oil.
Trump has also decided to defund any organizations that have the option of abortion. Many places in the US offer those services, not only that but also important services for women’s health like birth control and so on. This decision has caused outrage not only in the U.S. but also in other countries who state that their rights are being taken away. Despite all of the outrage and riots, Donald Trump seems not to have changed his mind. Many pro-lifers have shown their pleasure and state that President Trump is already one of the best presidents that has ever been.
Donald Trump has also made a national hiring freeze. He will not allow the government to hire anyone new except for the military and National Security. Experts are unsure whether or not this will be a permanent decision, but many hope it will only last during the adjustment period.
While Donald Trump has made many actions during his short time of presidency. It is very clear that most of the world is against him. Despite wanting the United States to do well, many expect the worst from President Donald Trump.