“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” book review


Trailer Addict

This book has gained popularity recently, and was even adapted into a film by famous director Tim Burton.

Katelyn Adkins, Staff Reporter

“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,” by Ransom Riggs, is an absolutely fantastic book to read in your spare time or just anytime in general. Although, at first, I was a little reluctant to even lay a finger on this book, because of its cover, I soon realized I was doing the one thing most people say not to do; Judging a book by its cover, even if the books cover makes you want to hide under your covers like a child, I’m getting a little carried away so let’s get to the book.
The main character is a boy named Jacob, and all his problems revolve around one man, his grandfather. His grandfather passes away and everyone now thinks Jacob is crazy, so he goes away to get over the death. Only, going away gets him closer than ever to his grandfather. Inside the musty, falling apart house Abe grew up in, aka Jacob’s grandfather’s childhood home, secrets start to unfold the more he stays there. The children that should be long gone, the ones in the pictures his grandfather showed him, are there and they have a big adventure for Jacob. Turns out, Abe wasn’t lying all along. Jacob ends up getting the truth he needed to get over the death, and he takes his grandfather’s place for the children as they fight together leading on into the next books.
Ransom Riggs has a whole adventure for you that will keep you wanting more and more as you go, filled with romance, adventure, and determination. Ransom Riggs has pictures in the book that go along with the story not like drawling’s or the usual ones you would find, ones that are of real people that lived a long time ago. He bought them at flea markets thinking they were interesting, later on used them to write a story. Some may think it’s a little strange for him to do that, but everything in this book is anything but normal. That makes it so much more interesting to read and get into. I absolutely loved every second I spent reading this book, definitely a book you can use to escape life with.