How to make the perfect Valentine’s Day Card

Making a card shows you care but doesnt break the bank.


Making a card shows you care but doesn’t break the bank.

Ginny Hardin, Staff Reporter

1. Select your paper type:
You can select cardstock, construction, colored or regular white paper.
2. Know your color scheme:
Typical Valentine’s Day colors are red, pink, purple and white.
3. Know your audience:
Make it personal for whoever is receiving it. What you give to your friend or mom should
not be the same as what you give your significant other.
4. Think of cute sayings or puns:
Leave a message that the person will like. If they are more sincere and sentimental, write something nice. If they are sarcastic, write them a flirty pun.
5. Decorate:
Add sequins, glitter, pom poms, pictures, anything to make it personal and cute. You can    find these at your local craft store.
6. Deliver it to your Valentine:
Give your Valentine your special gift by mail, in person or leave it at their door.