Three easy steps to getting a date


Use this easy guide to score your Valentine Date.

Tatum True , Section Editor

Valentine’s day is the time to celebrate with someone you love. Be prepared to see cute Instagram pictures of what your friends received from their significant other this holiday. Although this is a happy time for some people, we singles must prepare to make Valentine’s Day just as enjoyable for ourselves.

Step one consists of starting early and planning ahead. Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish someone would buy me a huge teddy bear holding a ginormous box of chocolates.”? Well think no more, because I am going to help you master getting a Valentine’s gift without the commitment of a boyfriend.

Planning ahead is crucial. Before you go out with your friends on Saturday night, post a good selfie or picture of you and your friends the morning after. This discretely opens the opportunity for a guy to slide in your DM’s and say, “Hey.” This step is simple, just be patient.

Step two takes a little more thought. Once the guy actually DM’s you a few times, it’s now your turn. Ask him for his Snapchat. If this happens, you are golden. Snapchat is the hub for singles and you are single, so you can Snapchat as many guys as your heart desires.

Step three is the trickiest of them all. Once a week or two passes by (this is why I said to plan ahead,) it is now acceptable to start making plans. But if they do not ask you to go to Chili’s or buy you frozen yogurt, rethink your potential Valentine.

With these three simple steps I guarantee you will have someone to buy you a Valentines gift. Remember to not catch feelings though, so you can do it all again next year!