10 love-focused movies to check out this month



This hilarious movie makes the list with its ironic love story.

Hunter Wheeler, Section Editor

Though Valentine’s Day has passed, some consider February the month of love, and these movies are good ones to watch during it.

1. Valentine’s Day- A movie with many different stories intertwined, and is a good movie for the boy and the girl, being a comedy with some sappiness.
2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- A girl who is trying to lose a man in 10 days and her target who has made a high-stakes bet to make a girl fall in love with him in 10 days, and shows that even with both of their stories they are able to fall in love.
3. Beauty and the Beast- The story of a girl who is taken captive by the beast in return for her father’s freedom and she ends up bringing the best out in the beast.
4. The Notebook- A rich girl and a poor boy fall in love, and teaches us on how we should not marry for money and to stick by each other through sickness and health.
5. Endless Love- A modern day Romeo and Juliet, that teaches us love will prevail.
6. Dear John- A couple falls in love and writes letters back and forth during his seven year deployment, and teaches us that love can overcome distance.
7. Bridesmaids- A woman who is trying to make her life-long best friend’s bachelorette party the best and ends up leading her and the other bridesmaids on a wild road towards the wedding, and is another movie for both genders, it makes you pee your pants with laughter
8. The Fault in Our Stars- Two cancer patients fall in love and shows us how love never dies.
9. A Walk to Remember- a coming-of age romantic comedy that shows us how opposites attract because of how a rebellious teen falls in love with a dork of a girl after he is made to do community service.
10. The Proposal- A powerful boss forces her assistant to fake a wedding to prevent her from getting deported, but ends up falling in love with him and teaches us that office romances only work out when your boss is getting deported.